Download Speed ​​AutoClicker for Windows: Optimize 50,000 Mouse Clicks/Sec

Are you looking for software that performs automated mouse clicks for you? “​​AutoClicker” is a small tool that can do just that and comes with many setting options. We took a close look at the program and tell you whether the download is worth it.

Some tasks on the computer only require regular mouse clicks on a specific point at different times. With the Speed ​​AutoClicker, you can automate these processes and save valuable time. We show you how the program works.

Games like Minecraft or ClickingHeroes, but also other applications, require frequent mouse clicks. If you don’t want to click yourself all the time, or if you can’t sit in front of the computer all the time, the click can be simulated very easily.

With the free Speed ​​AutoClicker, you can simulate up to 50,000 clicks per second. We explain step by step in this guide how exactly you use the software and which options the click bot has for you.

If the range of functions of Speed ​​AutoClicker does not seem sufficient to you, you will find further programs on our overview page for simulating user inputs that do the clicking for you.

What is Speed AutoClicker?

Speed AutoClicker works the same as Windows GS Auto Clicker. It simply automate the click of your mouse when it goes to a specific location, which can save you time when performing repetitive manipulations. You can start and stop the process manually using a keyboard combination, or automatically and at regular intervals.

Simulate mouse clicks with Speed ​​AutoClicker

Here is the step by step guide to automating your mouse clicks using Speed AutoClicker.

Make basic click settings

  1. If you start the Speed ​​Auto-Clicker, you will find yourself in the main window of the software.
  2. With a click on the corresponding button, you first select which key should be pressed by the software. 
  3. With the button “Select” you also determine which key on the keyboard you want to start and stop clicking.
  4. Once you have pressed the “Select” button, you simply tap the desired key on your keyboard.
  5. Via the “Activation mode” option, you can also set whether the key must be held or clicked until the selected key is pressed again.

Adjust advanced settings of Speed

  1. You open the extended options by clicking on the large gear icon.adjust advance setting of speed autoclicker
  2. With the click rate, you determine how many clicks the software should execute per second.
  3. If you activate the “random” option, the clicks will be issued at random intervals, so that AutoClicker protection can be bypassed in some games.
  4. The degree of click indicates the time relationship between pressing and releasing the mouse button.
  5. The value “0%” means that the mouse button is only pressed very briefly. With “100%” the button is released briefly between clicks and with “50%” half the time is clicked and waited.

Adjust advanced settings – 2

optimize advance setting of speed autoclicker

  1. If you activate the click limit, only the specified clicks will be given after pressing the activation button.
  2. With the display of the click duration and waiting time, you can check after setting the settings whether they will deliver the desired result.
  3. Under “Other” you also set whether Speed ​​Auto-Clicker should start with Windows and whether the software may send anonymous usage statistics. You can also choose a different language here and reset the settings.


Speed ​​AutoClicker is a small powerful tool that helps you automate mouse clicks and does a good job. You have many options for setting the type of clicks and the speed.

But make sure that you don’t set the click rate too high. Otherwise, your system may freeze and stop responding as in our test. If you are looking for a so-called “click bot”, Speed ​​AutoClicker is the right choice for you. The software can be particularly practical for games such as Minecraft, in which you would otherwise have to perform countless clicks by hand. The software runs on all common Windows versions. However, if you’re looking for the MAC Platform, then make sure to try our Mouse AutoCicker for MAC.