Automatically simulate mouse clicks and keystrokes – Register the mouse and repeat actions, clicks and keyboard

Automating the computer and work operations on the PC is one of the things that gives greater satisfaction, above all because it can help reduce the time necessary to perform specific operations and prevent the PC (Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8) from remaining on at the end of a process and so on.

In this article, we see some more or less simple programs that help to record and repeat actions with the mouse and keyboard so as to save time and let the computer work for us in repetitive operations.

Whole operating processes can be automated by simulating the mouse and keyboard inputs. For example, you have the morning opening of the browser and the checking of emails done automatically by other software.

In addition, some applications can perform unwanted actions as soon as you as a user show no activity for a long time by tricking them with the simulation of mouse clicks.

Among these programs, Ghost Mouse is also reported, a sensationally free Windows tool without limitations, easy to use and incredibly useful to record and repeat movements, mouse clicks and beats on the computer keyboard.

What is AutoClicker? Can you automate Mouse Clicks and Keyboard Keystrokes?

Just like software such as auto mouse clicker or even free mouse auto, Auto clicker offers you to automate the double click. This very simple application will prove particularly useful to be used on a game or to fill an Excel sheet more quickly.

The interface of the Auto clicker software is very simple and allows all users, even beginners and without real computer knowledge, to program it according to their needs in a few clicks.

The software allows you to click several times in succession on the same point on your screen automatically, which among other things facilitates your progress in a game. If certain multi-function software allows you to prepare these double clicks automatically, this integrated function is often faulty, and the Auto clicker software will allow you to overcome these faults.

Auto clicker also offers you to adjust the delay between the different programmed clicks. An additional advantage of the software lies in the possibility of registering keyboard shortcuts for your various automatic clicks. If the interface is dated, it is however well suited to beginners because simple to use and adjustable in several languages, including French, English, Italian.

The main flaw of Auto Clicker software is that it does not work with certain other software. You will, therefore, need to test its compatibility with the software you are interested in.

A little ‘cheat’ ideal for many video games. The software is very easy to use and configure, even for a beginner Auto clicker does not include a bug on compatible software Against Does not work with all games and software.

In this article, we discover 6 alternative programs for Windows that work to automatically click with the mouse.

6 AutoClicker for Windows 10, 8, 7

#1 GS AutoClick

GS AutoClick is the most popular program for this specific purpose, which is worth keeping in the PC drawer so that you can use it if necessary.

It is a simple, very small, free, portable software (it does not require installation) and on which it is worth spending two words to report it.

With Autoclick you can, therefore, make the mouse work by itself and click automatically on a part of the screen at regular intervals.

Among the options there is the possibility to decide which of the mouse buttons to automate, whether the right or the left or the middle one, and the type of click, single or double.

Once configured, position the arrow, the cursor on the screen and start the automatic click with the button of your choice (this can be changed in the program options)

By pressing the chosen button again, the program pauses and auto-clicks it stops.

To have the double click instead, you have to press F4 and the mouse is pressed on the screen twice quickly.

The time interval can be decided with absolute precision because it allows you to set hours, minutes, seconds, tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

Finally, an interesting option is a Smart Click with which you can store two or more mouse clicks and repeat them automatically. Click to Free Download GS AutoClick windows installer.

#2 MouseClick

Another program to make automatic mouse clicks with the right or left or middle button, it is Mouseclick that can be activated whenever necessary, using a combination of keys.

When activated it clicks on its own every time the mouse is stopped at a point.

#3 I’ll Click

A third very powerful open-source tool is I’ll Click, an intuitive application that allows you to set automatic clicks with the left and right mouse buttons.

For example, you can say that you open a web link automatically each time you hover over it.

To activate or deactivate any of its functions, select the option from the icon next to the clock.

Once enabled, the mouse buttons will act as indicated.

#4 Mouse Controller

Mouse Controller is another window software that allows you to set automatic clicks with the mouse buttons.

In the configuration of this tool you can choose the button to start and stop the automatic action, then choose to repeat the clicks every X seconds or minutes or to repeat them a number N of times, perhaps adding a delay of a few seconds.

#5 Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker is a simple program that allows you to configure automatic mouse clicks in a selected time interval, with a single or double click.

You can use the keyboard keys to control when to start and stop the automatic mouse clicker and just place the mouse cursor where the clicks are required, and then start the automatic clicks.

#6 Ghost Mouse

Ghost Mouse is a bigger program with more functions, already reported in the past, which is used to record the mouse and repeat actions, clicks, and keyboard.