Download Mouse Controller for Windows 10, 8 ,7

free download Mouse Controller for windows 10 8 7

Every operation that is repeated on the computer, you can make it automatic with software that does the job for us.

Automatically clicking the mouse button is something that can facilitate some repetitive tasks at work or even in some video games that require it, which saves effort and time when needed.

What is Mouse Controller?

Mouse  Controller is another free auto clicker for Windows that allows you to automate mouse clicks, both with the right and left buttons. It is a very simple application to use and, moreover, it is 100% free.

Use Auto Clicker Software for Automatically clicking Left, Right or Middle Mouse Button with a Configurable Keyboard Shortcut.

With Auto Clicker, you can Auto Click any Mouse Button at fixed or variable Mouse Clicking Speed of your choice. You can Start / Stop Auto Mouse Cursor Clicking with a single System-Wide / Global Keyboard Shortcut. You can use Auto Clicker to Auto Click at pre-defined fixed screen location or you can auto click at current Mouse Cursor Location.

Auto Clicker also allows us to configure Interval / Delay in Mouse Clicks in the values of MilliSeconds, Seconds, and Minutes. Apart from the configurable option, Auto Clicker also shows the number of Mouse Clicks automated.

Whether you want to do Fast Automatic Mouse Clicking at Current Mouse Cursor Position or at Pre-defined Screen Location, the Auto Clicker can Click at your desired speed. Apart from Automated Mouse Clicking, there are lots of inbuilt features (e.g Macro Recorder, Key Presser, Color Clicker, Fixed Point Clicker, etc) which together make Auto Clicker really the Best Mouse Clicking Application.

Download and install Auto Clicker and let the Software do the Mouse Clicking and give your fingers some rest. The Auto Clicker is provided in a simple and easy to follow standard setup and is compatible with Windows 10 and other Windows Operating Systems.

The Installation of Auto Clicker needs Admin Access to your Windows Computer and once installed can Auto Click on any Application / Game.

Step to Download Mouse Controller for Windows 10, 8, 7

  1. To download Mouse Controller for windows, click here or press the Download button floating above. Wait for the download of the installation file to be completed. Then open the .exe file you got, press the Yes button and follow the wizard that appears on the screen to complete the setup: press the Next button four times in a row, then on Install and Finish.
  2. Start the software by double-clicking on the link that has been created on the desktop and, in the window that opens, choose the settings related to automatic clicks to be performed by the “virtual” mouse.
  3. In this case, select from the Press pull-down menus the keys with which to start and stop the automatic actions you want to perform, put the checkmark on the Repeat every box and select the unit of measure from the adjacent drop-down menu to choose every how many seconds or minutes repeat the action.
  4. If you wish, also select the Repeat option and indicate in the adjacent text box the number of times the action must be repeated.
  5. At this point, you just have to start recording the automatic action to be performed by the “virtual” mouse by pressing the start / stop keys that you have decided to set (eg F9 and F11 ) and you’re done. Simpler than that !?