Free Mouse Clicker Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

Free Mouse Auto Clicker is software that allows you to automate a mouse click to avoid a repetitive task. The software is presented in the form of a single-window which contains the parameters of the task to be automated.

For example, when you copy the contents of a folder on the fly with the photos inside, inside another folder, used for backup, you are probably faced with the repeated appearance of the message ” A file with the same name already exists, do you want to overwrite the existing file? “and you must always press” Yes “.

Another example is the automatic correction with Word in which, perhaps you want to ignore the suggested change or you want to add the new word to the internal dictionary.

I know that in both cases there are the options: ” Yes to everything ” or ” Ignore all “, but sometimes it is good to follow what the program wants to do because maybe, there will be a moment when you want to respond differently and you can then stop auto-click.

In other cases, the automatic click could be useful to automatically refresh a web page in predefined time intervals to always see the updated version, an online game, a flash news site, travel offers site and so on.

What is Mouse Clicker?

An Autoclick mouse tool allows you to simulate pressing the left mouse button at regular intervals, which can be repeated quickly or more slowly depending on your preferences.

free mouse clicker download for windows 10

You must first define the location of the click. Three localization modes are possible: the first by indicating a coordinate in pixels, the second by providing the hexadecimal code of colour to search for on the screen, and finally by specifying an image displayed on the screen.
Then, you must indicate the type of click to perform, single or double, on the right or left mouse button.
Finally, you must indicate at which time interval the task is launched and its number of iterations.

Steps to Download and Install Free Mouse Clicker on your Windows PC

  1. First, click to Download Free Mouse Clicker on your Windows PC or press the Download button located at the top. And wait for the automatic download of the program installation file to start (otherwise presses the Download link to start the download “manually”).
  2. Once the download is complete, open the .exe file you got by double-clicking on it. At this point, the program will start automatically and you will be shown its main window containing the various menus and buttons through which to automate mouse clicks.

Steps to Automate Mouse Clicks

  1. In the Click Interval section, there are the options that allow you to select the time intervals that must pass between one automatic click and another: just change the values ​​in the text fields hours Hours (hours), Minutes (minutes), Seconds (seconds) and Milliseconds (milliseconds).
  2. In the Hotkey section, on the other hand, you can select the key combinations to start and stop the execution of automatic clicks. To modify them, just open the drop-down menus located next to the words Start: CTRL + and Stop: CTRL + and select one of the listed keys (e.g. F1F2F3F4, etc.)
  3. To change the actions to be performed by the “virtual” mouse, instead, you must act from the Mouse Action section, choosing which mouse button to involve ( Left Button, for the left button and Right Button for the right one) and the action connected to this last one (ex. Single Click, to make a single click or Double Click, to make a double click).

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