Download GS Auto Clicker for Windows: Guide to Automate your Mouse Clicks

If you use your computer every day, your processes will repeat over time. It takes time to start each program. With GS Auto Clicker you can automate your processes and save valuable time. We show you how the program works.

Almost every computer user opens certain programs after starting and always carries out the same actions in them. For example, the mails are first checked or the VoIP software opened. With the GS Auto Clicker, you can easily automate these processes.

The practical software not only simulates single clicks on a fixed point, but also double clicks, mouse clicks at certain time intervals and multiple clicks on different points. This means that not only simple clicks on a specific button but entire operating sequences can be automated.

What is GS Auto Clicker? How to Automate mouse Click?

GS Auto Clicker is software for setting up automatic clicks. This fully configurable program allows you to choose the duration of the interval between two clicks, to repeat a certain number of clicks or to click as many times as necessary, to choose the right or left-click as well as the type of click to perform.

Gs Auto Clicker is also able to automate clicks based on the current position of your cursor, but also on a given position by indicating its x and y coordinates. It includes a keyboard shortcut system to be used to launch the automatic click test.

With the GS Auto Clicker Download, you get a small tool that enables you to automatically have many mouse clicks in succession at any position on the screen.

The GS Auto Clicker Download automatically performs many mouse clicks in a row, which is useful if you often have to perform multiple mouse clicks while working or playing. To do this, you define a hotkey within the program and press it at the corresponding position to which you want to click the mouse.

download gs auto clicker for windows 10, 8, 7

The GS Auto Clicker Download then clicks until you press the hotkey again. You can also record sequences of clicks that you made with the GS Auto Clicker Download in different positions and then have the entire sequence repeated as often as you like.

GS Auto Clicker Free Download for Windows 10, 8,7: Adjustable parameters

You can not only let GS Auto Clicker click from the first one until you press the hotkey again, but you can also specify a certain number of clicks to be carried out. You can also determine the time interval between the clicks, whereby milliseconds, seconds, minutes and even hours can be determined. You can also set which mouse button should be used to simulate clicks just like window’s mouse clicker.

It is also possible to determine whether single or double clicks should be carried out by GS Auto Clicker. In addition, you can determine that the mouse pointer is frozen at the start of the click simulation, i.e. it cannot be moved until it is completed. You can also define an action when a click is completed, including the shutdown of the computer.

Main features of GS Clicker

GS Auto Clicker takes into account both clicks and area selection. To do this, the user must click on “Record”, perform the actions to be recorded and press the button again to stop capturing.

Once the actions have been recorded, the program allows them to be performed automatically by pressing a button. This software allows you to click on the button of a website without requiring user intervention.

GS Auto Clicker displays all the recordings made on its main interface. This option allows you to follow all the programmed actions, to delete them, or to modify them according to the needs of the user. Speed Autoclicker for windows is alternative to this program. 

Automate mouse clicks with GS Auto-Clicker

Here is the step by step guide to automating your mouse clicks using GS Auto Clicker.

Configure GS Mouse Clicker settings

  1. Before you simulate clicks, you should make some settings.
  2. To do this, click on “Options” in the main window and select the category “Clicking”.
  3. Under “Options” you determine which mouse button is clicked and whether a single or double click should be simulated. You also set here whether the pointer should be fixed while auto clicker options for windows
  4. Via the punk “Repeat” you also determine how often a click should be repeated and at what interval this should happen. If you want to simulate the click until you deactivate the program, simply select “Repeat until stopped”.automate repeat clicking in windows gs auto clicker
  5. With a click on the big button or the key “F8” in the main window, you can start the click now.

Record and play mouse clicks using GS Auto Clicker

If you want to perform multiple clicks on certain points, you can use GS Auto-Clicker to record individual clicks.

  1. To do this, open the “Options” menu, select the “Recording” category and click on “Multiple clicks”.
  2. In the opened window you activate the recording function by clicking on the box in front of “Record and replay multiple clicks”.record and play multiple click in gs auto clicker windows setup
  3. Now click on the “Pick point” button to record a autoclicker pick clicking point in windows
  4. Repeat the process until you have recorded all the clicks you need and end the recording by clicking “Ok”.
  5. To play the clicks, you start the software by clicking on the button in the main window or by pressing the corresponding hotkey.

Make further settings in Windows 10, 8, 7

  1. In the category “Settings” you will find three more settings with which you can influence the behavior of the software.
  2. With “Hotkey” you determine which key on your keyboard you want to start and stop the automatic click.
  3. Under “View” you set whether GS Auto-Clicker should minimize when clicking and maximize after gs auto clicker view settings for windows 10
  4. And via the drop-down list under “Other”, you can also determine whether after the click a certain action, such as exiting the program or the computer, should be carried out.setup on click complete action in gs mouse clicker

Conclusion:  GS Auto Clicker is certainly a practical solution for users who often have to perform many clicks on-screen elements in succession. In any case, the tool works perfectly. Download Best Auto Clickers setup for windows10, 8, 7 from our platform. If you’re looking for MAC operating system, give a try to our MAC AutoClicker software.