Automate repetitive tasks and automatic operations on Windows PC

Automate repetitive tasks and automatic operations on Windows PCA few years ago, I went to work for a rather large and large company after replying to a job posting. In the required requirements, in the midst of so many empty words in English, a young and dynamic profile, graduate, with years of experience and so on was indicated as the ideal candidate.

Gladly I went to work and the activity I should have done on the SAP management program was described to me: Click here and here, copy and paste, send the email. After two days I was amazed that such an important and wealthy company would waste money and resources to hire a person to do such a repetitive task.

It is known that young people in the professional field are treated like monkeys but being a purely IT task I wondered how it was possible that they had not thought of developing a program that automates that type of operation that is always the same and repetitive.

If I came back today I would go there in a different spirit, happy to go to work and get paid for doing nothing all day.

Yes, because today I would know how to automate that repetitive process or task on the computer so I could let a software work and I would be free to write quietly on the blog, play online, or chat on Facebook.

1) The program that automates repetitive operations and tasks on the computer is called DoItAgain!

This is free software that allows you to record cursor movements, mouse clicks and keys typed on the keyboard, to repeat them in sequence.

In fact, it is a kind of macro recorder also present in programs such as Word and Excel or in Photoshop in order to do one thing only once, recording it in the program so, the following times, it can be repeated the same, with the only press a button.

DoItAgain instead allows you to automate repetitive operations within Windows, so that it can be used with any application or multiple programs at the same time.

DoItAgain is free and works on Windows 10 and also Windows 7. After downloading and installing it, you can launch the program which has a big button in the center to create a new task.

Once you press that magic button, everything you do on Windows is logged. To end the recording you must press the key on the computer keyboard “scroll lock” (it is next to num lock in the upper right corner in general).

Once you have registered the automated task, you save it with a name and, whenever you want, you can start it. Multiple automated tasks can be created and saved, and one task can start others.

In short, it is possible to recreate all the repetitive operations that, possibly, are carried out during a day and are always the same.

2) A similar program to automate computer operations and more customizable in each action is TinyTask.

With this software, it is easy to set repetitive tasks to be performed automatically at the press of a key combination.

Tinytask is a portable program with a size of only 33 Kilobytes, which works on Windows 10, Windows 7, and 8.

It displays a small window with a row of buttons. Press the record button in the TinyTask window or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-Alt-R.

The task, mouse movement, clicks, and keys pressed on the keyboard are then recorded. All recorded actions can then be repeated identical by pressing the Play button. Recordings can be saved for use in repetitive tasks on the computer.

3) RoboIntern, free for Windows, allows you to perform various automatic activities on a Windows PC, with a modern interface and with a function similar to IFTTT which automates online activities.

You can then automate Copy, move and delete the folder, Create folder, Open folder, Rename the file and Rename folder, send e-mail, zip compression and decompression, run programs, stop programs, shutdown or restart the computer, download of files and operations on PDF. The program can also perform many operations on FTP, Excel, Word, Access, ODBC, and run Office VBA macros.

4) Ghostmouse is the best free auto clicker program to automate computer tasks because it allows you to record and repeat click movements and keyboard and mouse actions.

5) The best program to automate tasks on the computer is actually another which, however, costs a lot and is called Automate.

6) A free alternative instead is AutoHotkey which is a bit difficult to configure because it has no graphical interface, but it is also the most powerful to use (you need to look for a specific guide).

This program could be flanked by one for creating automated emails and replies with automatic models and the program for automatically clicking several times with the mouse.