Auto Clicker Free Download for Windows 10, 8 & 7 [Latest]

For work reasons, are you forced to continually click on the same button and have your fingers cramped? Do you want to beat an absolute record in an online game, so as to leave your friends stunned, but to do this you would need to make hundreds of clicks in sequence at the speed of light? There is no doubt, what you need is a program that allows you to click automatically.

How do you say? Did you totally ignore the existence of such software solutions? Well, now no more! If you take a few minutes of your time, I will explain how to click automatically using an auto clicker, as well as free ones. Whether you have a computer equipped with Windows 10, 8, 7, or a Mac, it doesn’t matter. In both cases, you can Free Download AutoClicker for Windows 10 as well as for Mac instantly from AutoClicker Download!

Auto Clicker free Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

AutoClick is a great program to save the clicks you make with the mouse, just at the precise moment and area of ​​the screen where you did it, this program allows you to save that sequence of clicks and reproduce them exactly when and where you choose.
It can be very useful in programs or games that need to be clicked in certain areas every certain period of time and not to do it manually or being present in front of the computer, this small program will do it for you.
It also has a way to repeat the sequence of clicks every time the recorded sequence has finished or to end it once it ends.

AutoClicker – Download & Installation Guide

Auto Clicker software Download & Installation Guide in windows 10 8 7AutoClicker is open source and can be used completely free of charge with no restrictions or advertising. Installation is not necessary, so the tool, which is only a few kilobytes in size, is ready to start immediately after downloading. It is therefore also suitable for portable use on a USB stick.

One of the first solutions that I recommend to try to automatically click on PC is  GS Auto Clicker, a free program for Windows that allows you to automate clicks on your computer in an extremely easy and intuitive way, also allowing you to customize the timing and methods of clicks to perform.

Steps to Download and Configure Auto Clicker on Windows 10/8/7

  1. Click to Download GS Auto Clicker on your Windows 10/8/7 or tap the blue Download button floating above. Wait, therefore, once the download of the GS Auto Clicker installation file is complete and open the .exe file you obtained, in order to start the program.
  2. At this point, you should see the GS Auto Clicker main window on the screen (if not, you can invoke the application by clicking on the star icon that appears in the Windows notification area located at the bottom right, next to the clock). Position the mouse cursor on the screen where the button or element to click is located and press the keyboard key that the program has associated with the execution of continuous clicks. By default, it is F8 (the same key is also used to stop the execution of the automatic action).
  3. If you do not want to click automatically with the F8 key because you prefer to use another keyboard key, press the  Press F8 to click the button located in the center of the GS Auto Clicker window, select the Click / Stop option and press the keyboard key you want to use for sequential clicks.
  4. You can also change the mouse button that should be used to make continuous clicks (right or middle instead of left) and customize the time interval between one click and another. In the first case, you have to go to the Options> Clicking> Options menu, set the Right option or the Middle option in the Mouse drop-down menu and press the OK button to save the changes made. By opening the Click drop-down menu, however, you can set a double click instead of a single click, if you need to automate the execution of the double click.
  5. In the second case, however, you must go to the Options> Clicking> Repeat menu and specify the time interval that must pass between one automatic click and another, using the fields relating to hours ( hours ), minutes ( mins ), to the seconds ( secs ) and milliseconds ( milliseconds ) present in the window that opens. By placing a checkmark next to the Repeat item, you can also set the program so that it does not repeat the clicks indefinitely, but only for the number of times, you specify in the appropriate text field. Easy, right?

Main features of AutoClicker Software

Main features of windows Auto Clicker Software

AutoClicker can save a lot of work, especially in situations in which certain actions have to be carried out with the mouse – this is easy on the nerves and the mouse buttons. Version 3.0 of the freeware is currently available for download.

Having a program like Auto Mouse Click offers the possibility of making mouse clicks automatically. It supports all possible actions on the peripheral.

#1 Automatic mouse clicks

To add clicks on the list of mouse operations to perform, the user is required to specify in the options the coordinates and the type of action to perform. These will then be listed on the integrated manager.

The user interface is only available in English, but the operation of AutoClicker is very simple: After starting, precisely define the click interval in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds, determine which mouse button should be pressed and how often (simple click or double-click), and decide whether the pressing should be repeated for a certain number or stopped manually by the user.

After pressing the changeable hotkey (standard: F6 key) AutoClicker does its work, either at the current position of the mouse pointer or at previously defined coordinates.

#2 Repeat

With Auto Mouse Click, the recorded actions can be automatically resumed without having to redefine them. To use this option, it is necessary to mention the desired number of repetitions in the parameters.

#3 Macro tool on board Shortcut:

Creating actions can be done by pressing only one key on the keyboard. To do this, the Auto Mouse Click offers the opportunity to generate quick shortcuts. These can be changed in the “Hot Keys” section.

With the “Record & Playback” button, the AutoClicker also starts a macro tool with which movements of the mouse pointer, mouse clicks, and keyboard entries can be recorded and played back at the push of a button. The recording of keyboard entries is switched off by default and must first be activated in the settings.

#4 Management

Scheduled mouse clicks are listed on the main window of this program. It offers the possibility of starting or stopping them by making use of the command buttons arranged on the same interface.

#5 Gaming

With the “AutoClicker”, mouse clicks can be carried out automatically and at different intervals. The tool is a real asset, especially for click-intensive online games. You can set the time in advance in hours, minutes, seconds or milliseconds. You also choose whether the left, middle, or right mouse button should be clicked. Likewise, the “AutoClicker” allows you to define various shortcuts to start and stop while gaming.

#6 Automatic Counter

It automatically counts the number of times the mouse moves over an icon or button. This feature is particularly useful when you want to perform tasks like checking if you press Alt on your keyboard or are on the Insert key. The function of Automatic Counter is very similar to the one that the Mac Auto Clicker gives you. Free Download Auto Clicker for Mac now!

#7 Event notifications

Event notifications are a great help if you want to automate certain processes that you want to automate. The program will send event notifications that will notify you whenever the button or icon is pressed. However, not all Windows Auto Clickers support it.


The interface of Speed ​​AutoClicker is very clear, so the software is also easy to use. First, you determine which keyboard key you want to use to activate the mouse clicks, by default the Ctrl key is stored. Next, you can choose the activation mode. This means that the clicks are carried out when you hold the button or when you press it once.

You can also specify which mouse button is clicked. You can choose between the left, right and middle button. Now you configure the automated clicks. You set the click rate, i.e. how many clicks should be made. Here you can enter the options “unlimited”, “random” or a number up to 50,000 – but be careful: in our test we first paralyzed the browser and finally the whole system because it couldn’t cope with a large number of clicks.

To prevent this, start with a low click rate or simply set a maximum under “Click limit”. The last setting option is the click level. This defines the period between pressing the mouse button and releasing it. The lower the value here, the faster the clicks.

More Free Auto Clicker for Windows 10/8/7 PC

#1 Free Mouse Auto Clicker

Download More Free Auto Clicker for Windows 10 8 7 PC

If you need a click every minute on the same button or if you have to make a copy and paste, if you always have to send the same answer at predefined intervals, and for other things that can cause the carpal tunnel to wrist paralyzing the hand, you can Download the Free Mouse Auto Clicker for windows 10, 8, 7.

This tool can be used to repeat clicks or double mouse clicks anywhere on the screen.

You can use it to keep a window always on top or for other tasks.

It is a really simple and small free tool that only has some configuration options: which key to press if the right or left, whether to perform the single or double click and how often.

Other programs to automatically click and click have been reported on another page.

#2 Ghost Mouse

The best way to manage repetitive tasks is to record the movements and clicks of the mouse and then also the keys on the keyboard and the key combinations.

The free Ghost Mouse program records the operations performed on the computer and allows you to repeat them automatically.

Once downloaded, the interface has only two buttons: Recording and playback.

The red button allows you to record mouse and keyboard actions.

In the end, you have to press Stop and save the automation (from the File menu) to play it whenever you want.

Whenever repetitive work has to be done, it can be replicated perfectly after registration.

If you want to record only the keyboard or just the movement of the mouse or the clicks, go to the options menu and choose what to record.

In Options -> Settings, you can select hotkeys and check that the software starts when the computer starts (Startup).

GhostMouse is the easiest and best free program to repeat actions on the computer made with mouse and keyboard and works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit.

#3 WinParrot

If you have to do a task that is identical every time, you can use the free program for Windows 7, Windows 10, and 8.1, WinParrot to automate this task in a really simple way.

WinPatrol is able to record the actions performed, save them in memory, and automatically execute them when requested.

WinPatrol can also be downloaded in the Italian version (for now I have downloaded the English version because the link for downloading the Italian version does not seem to work).

You don’t have to install anything, just extract the zip archive into a folder and then launch the Winparrot.exe file.

When you want to automate an action, just press the right button on the icon at the bottom right near the clock and press Record or the record button on the main interface.

For example, let’s say you want to open the internet directly on your favorite site, without changing the default homepage.

Close all windows, press the registration button from the bottom WinParrot icon, give a name to the .wpr file that stores the actions, and then start opening the internet browser, click the address bar and write the address of the website and sending.

As soon as the Navigaweb page opens, press Stop to stop the recording.

From the WinPatrot icon, press the right button and then on Play to repeat the recorded action in the same way.

#4 MouseController

MouseController is an open-source desktop application for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP that allows you to record mouse movements and clicks, and then automatically repeat them in sequence, at any time.

For example, you can use it to move the mouse automatically after a certain period of time to prevent the computer from going into standby or to repeat the same action several times.

The application is quite powerful and easy to use, in addition, it is a portable program that does not require installation.

Mouse actions can be recorded and played back using hotkeys, which are set to F9 and F11 for playback and recording mode respectively.

The same recorded action can be repeated several times regularly based on a time interval and a delay of execution can also be set.

The actions to be repeated can also be performed faster than they were recorded, for those who are in a hurry. Download MouseController for Windows 10 now!

#5 Speed Auto Clicker

Speed Auto Clicker can be used for a number of games like Minecraft, Runescape, and many more. It is entirely self-contained allowing it to be used for any game or software. The interface is uncluttered making setup a breeze, and all your clicker settings are saved automatically. One cool feature is the area hold mode. With it, you can quickly change your current window, and the fast clicker follows. Speed Auto Clicker scales with your hardware permitting you to achieve that maximum click-speed possible.

Speed Auto Clicker also includes click rate limitation; this allows you to decide how many clicks you want to be made per second. Additionally, you also have the option to activate a click number limitation. This feature ensures that the auto-mouse clicker automatically stops when the desired number of clicks is reached. Download Speed Auto Clicker for Windows 10, 8, 7 now!


What Auto Clicker does for me

Using the program will allow you to automate tasks that you want to automate. Auto Clicker will help you set up instructions for tasks that you want to do, without you having to manually do it. When you have configured an Auto Clicker, you can click on an icon or button anywhere on your desktop or anywhere on your PC, and it will send an automatic message to the program.

What Auto Clicker does for me

This program is an indispensable tool for computer users. It is an essential program to help users save time when they need to perform repetitive tasks on their computers. If you want to automate your repetitive task and your windows pc, this program is the one to use.


Speed ​​AutoClicker is a small powerful tool that helps you automate mouse clicks and does a good job. You have many options for setting the type of clicks and the speed.

But make sure that you don’t set the click rate too high. Otherwise, your system may freeze and stop responding as in our test. If you are looking for a so-called “click bot”, Speed ​​AutoClicker is the right choice for you. The software can be particularly practical for games such as Minecraft, in which you would otherwise have to perform countless clicks by hand. The software runs on all common Windows versions.